Si, todo al mismo tiempo (Yes, all at once)

In the streets of Buenos Aires, an office worker get food poisoning eating an empanada. Possessed by the malaise, he enters an uncontrolled spiral where his body acts as a vehicle between parallel realities.

Music video shot in Buenos Aires.
Released date: 17/12/2021

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Music: Bursz
Paco Gorriz
Director: Juan Manuel Pinzon – Lucía Giannoni & Bruno Adamovsky
Choreography: Lucia Giannoni
Executive Producer: Juan Manuel Pinzón
Producer: Tomas Medero
Associate Producer: Juan Saravia (Mamá Húngara)
Fixer: Payo Saravia.
Cinematographer: Camila Scarzello
SteadIcam Operator: Joaquín Silvaticci
Editor and VFX: Andrés Medina
Color Grading: Daniel Carrizo
Wardrobe Master: Margarita Franx
Makeup & Haristyling: Laura Casale
Sound design: Gonzalo Komel
Rotoscope: Juan Pomeranec
Focus Puller: Facundo Amanzi
Steadycam Assistant: Leandro Lamaison
Production Assistant: Bomba
Rental House: El Panorama


Genre: Dance / Music Video
Country: Argentina
Language: No dialogue
Length in minutes: 5:13
YEAR: 2021