In the future, Miko, a Japanese psychic warrior is looking to destroy a corporation that mass produces robots called “Shinobi” in order to avenge the death of her loved one.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written and Directed by
Victor Velasco

A Ministry Filmworks Production

Kara Wang
Maximiliano Hernandez
Hayley Keown

Music: Code Elektro – “Shinobi”
Label & Publishing: Iceberg Records A/S

Director of Photography: Lerry Kin
Production Designer: Ginaris Sarra
Producer: Jaime Carbajal
Story By: Victor Velasco & Ginaris Sarra
Executive Producer: Victor Velasco, Ginaris Sarra & Maximiliano Hernandez
Editor: Ginaris Sarra
Visual Effects: Victor Velasco & Ginaris Sarra
Fight Choreographer: Ragnhild Bjoerge
Make up Artist: Holly Eve Hernandez
Hair Stylist: Moe Alvarez
Assistant Director: Ben Ivers
Assistant Camera: Tam Lam
Grip: Brennan Rojo
Production Assistant: Marvin Akanyi

This video has been supported by: Musikforlæ

The film-making process

SHINOBI is an ambitious cyberpunk epic heavily influenced by 80’s anime (Goku: Midnight Eye, Cyber City Oedo), Carpenter films (Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China) and modern 3D artists visuals (Ash Thorp, Beeple, Stuz00r). The idea of SHINOBI was born as soon as Victor Velasco heard the song “It had to be an epic cyberpunk tale of Good vs Evil with ninjas, now the problem was how to actually do it”.

Since the beginning the use of CGI seemed mandatory in order to show the world, because of this Victor Velasco developed concept art and a storyboard for the music video “It’s the first time I created a project like this where everything should be visualized before shooting. It’is like a clock where every gear has to work perfectly but still you need room for small improvisation.”

All the post production was handled by Victor Velasco and Ginaris Sarra ( who also was Production designer and editor). As far as the software programs used were Cinema 4D, Octane render, After Effects and Daz.

“First the main locations and the car where created on Cinema 4D and Octane Render to find the look and atmosphere. Then, while they were shooting the video, the 1st Assistant Camera was taking specific notes of the shots: lens, focal distance, frames per second, etc… in order to replicate that on 3D.. Then, the 3D shots were created and composed with the footage using After Effects. The “Shinobi” started as a Daz3D dressed 3D model and placed it on Cinema4D. The straw hat is the actual 3D model of Raiden on Mortal Kombat. Finally the animation was done on Mixamo and rendered it on Octane with post effects like flares and RGB displacement on After effects.”

With a performance by Maximiliano Hernandez (Sicario, The Walking Dead, Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and Kara Wong and action packed visuals, Shinobi aims to be an explosive and enjoyable experience sure to surprise audiences.


Genre: Cyberpunk
Country: USA
Language: No dialogue
Length in minutes: 6 min
YEAR: 2018