Lyon, Faouzi, and Raoul all hail from different cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. Yet, they share a relentless drive, seen in their daily routine, to be the best at their sport that they can regardless of the punches life throws at them. Between documentary and fiction short film, Shadowboxers captures the journey to victory, a story concerned with personal battles just as much as it is with the battle which takes place inside the ring.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed, Produced and Edited by Guido Ekker
Produced by House of Panic

Cinematography: Jeroen Kiers
Additional Cinematography: Thomas van Krugten
Focus puller: Boyd Bakema
Sound Design: Rosanne Blokker
Composer: Rene Thie
Colorist: Erik Verhulst
Graphic design: Federica D’Urzo
Storyboarder: Rocky Schouten
Archive Research: Androniki Nikolaou
Press & PR: Bruce Bigg

The story behind the film

Shadowboxers is a passion project. The boxing sport is notorious for its upsets. No matter your celebrity status, brand endorsements or fan base it is you dedication, motivation and mental strength that above all carries you to victory: half the battle is already won, or lost, before the bell sounds.
A project with a fine line between documentary and fiction. Collaborated with close friends to bring this piece of film to life.


Genre: Documentary
Country: Netherlands
Language: No dialogue
Length in minutes: 3
YEAR: 2020