Separated at Code

In an alternate version of our world. The schism between social classes is even greater and the progress in the field of genetic coding is far more advanced. Two people live on polar opposites of the spectrum: Alec, a nomad on the fringes lives as a part of nature, the personal relationships are few but substantial. Ayla, the first of the genetic augmentation boom is part of the high society, those who look ahead and focus on themselves. By chance Alec hears of Ayla, and her status. Seeking to alleviate the emptiness of not belonging, he searches her out because they share the same genetic rarity: Two separate colour eyes.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director/Producer/Writer – Benjamin Del Vasto
Producer – Jen Viens
Director of Photography – Marco Battista

Cast – Daniela Sandiford, Massimo Diem

Director Statment

Separated at Code seeks to explore the very sci-fi’ey question: How does technological progress interfere in the essence of our humanity? What happens when that technology and our humanity become fused? Will compassion and love still be a genuine or will it be seen as weakness and something to be exploited? These are the questions I hope to address in the form of the two main characters, who have been physically and forcibly separated their entire lives. I wanted to show what I thought it would look like when two people who might hold the closest bond but have never met or known about one another, meet for the first time. How would that play out especially when both come from the opposite extremes of the socio-economic ladder. This is the driving force behind my film Separated at Code.


Genre: Sci-Fi / Drama
Country: Canada
Language: English
Length in minutes: 15:30
YEAR: 2021