Samantha innamorata

A young girl tries to get out of her dream world, but she will collide with the real and raw reality.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director: Alessio Ghielmetti:
Producer: Matteo Ballarati
Starring: Veronica Pizzi, Alessandro Azzimonti
Davide Gobbo, Daria Morelli
Cinematographer: Francesco Rosiglioni
First assistant camera: Simone Consoli
Second assistant camera: Luca Pallaro
First assistant director: Federica Crippa
2AD: Chiara Tenconi
Set desginer: Isotta Santus
Set desginer: Sarah Rosignoli
Set desginer: Leonardo Bolocan Goldstein
Set desginer: Christian Vendramini
Make-up artist: Alessia Lodispoto
Post audio: Marco Roveda
Gaffer: Matteo Teo Rasta Colombo
Colorist: Francesco Rosiglioni
Movie poster: Michele Rezzonico

The story behind the film

The film has as its theme the clash between dreamy reality
and the real, stark reality. A distorted character like Samantha’s attempts to come out of her shell,
but banging her head on the wall of reality, she returns to
her darkness.
It is not wrong to feed on dreams, it is harmful to abuse them until the dreams themselves swallow you and your vision
of reality. Growing up is also this, not turning back, not hiding in your dream city
after a failure. Samantha failed to grow up; she will become even smaller than she already was.
The idea came from a simple image, an album cover depicting a girl with long red hair interacting with a kind of automaton (Queen of Golden Dogs – Vessel), hence the idea of the relationship between Samantha and her doll.
The interest in telling “The First Love,” which, regardless of how it
will turn out, will mark a turning point in our lives.
There were many inspirations, even unintentional ones, from different kinds of art forms: movies, paintings, video games, books, music, etc..


Genre: Drama
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Length in minutes: 14:36
YEAR: 2021