Why are you runnning ?

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director : Cedric Dubourg
Actress : Noemie Kircher
Actor : Rachid Yous
Production support : 360 Creative / Flore Biet
Coordination production : Lucie Etchegoyen
DOP : Romain Alary
1st Ass Caméra : Etienne BUrguy
2nd Ass Caméra : Victor Salis
3th Ass Caméra : George Fromont
Stylist : Ariane Colas
Make Up : Denise Papp
Casting : Margaux Bail

Editing : Romain Boileau
Grading : Nicolas Guibert
Music : Jeremy Azoulay
Mix : Contrechamp Studio

The story behind the film

Why are you running?

This question she asked me many times, especially at the end of our story. Often I shrugged my shoulders, I didn’t know what to answer her.
The answer I had, I was no longer looking for the need for sport, for competition, no, it was an escape, our adventure was coming to an end, deep down I knew it but I refused to admit it, so I went far and long in the hope of finding her as I had on my first day when I returned.
Then, the story ends for good, the first reflex is to run away and leave all our memories behind, those memories that come back to you like flashes, so you speed up to try to free yourself from them but they don’t let go of you. You sprint, you scream, to get the sadness out of your body, but the good times and bad times come from all sides. The rhythm of your stride determines the rhythm of the images that follow in your head.
Finally you stop running, exhausted and like a ghost, she stands in front of you. You realize then that you have to accept these memories, our memories, because they are part of you, like her. There will never be a WE again, you have to accept it and live with it, but there will always be love in our eyes because it all started like that, with a look.


Genre: Drama
Country: France
Language: French
Length in minutes: 6:32
YEAR: 2020