A film about relationships. The taut, fragile nature of pairing. A dumb boy, completely out of his league with an intelligent, confident young woman. He tries hard to impress her, but is always two steps ahead of himself. The result is (near) catastrophe.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Kairavi Desai
Travis Vetier

Tony McGrath

Sean Loch
Tony McGrath

Sound Recordist:
Jake Mannix

Sound Mixer:
Tfer Newsome

Justin McDonald

Angela Salisbury


The story behind the film

The goal was to make a no-budget film without a crew. In the end, I spent nothing, but realised I needed a sound recordist. My wife and I made us lunch. The cast fortunately were also filmmakers, so they helped carry some gear etc, but I took on all other roles. As a professional editor, I of course cut the film, but had two friends grade and do the final sound mix. A band I know (Regurgitator) let me use their songs. We shot the film in 4 hours and I cut it over the next two days. I finished it a couple of days before I finished editing “Decommissioned” (directed by Josh Tanner), which is already on your site.


Genre: Comedy
Country: Australia
Language: English
Length in minutes: 6
YEAR: 2021