A basketball player must overcome his sports anxiety in order to score the game winning point.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Featuring: Hakeem Crooks & Kit Aviso Mramor
with Koby Cobb-Violet, Toni Maric, Matt Wong, and Kojo

Director – Sebastian Hill-Esbrand
DP Luke Strahm
1st AD Rafi Gandur, Brian Johnson
Editor Spencer Browne
Post Sound: Oscar Vargas
Color: Sam Gilling
Stylist: Tasheal Gill
1st AC -Noah Browne, Sam Lin
2nd AC Jamie Mitri
Steadicam – Christian Eggenberger
Prod Sound; Ethan Volberg
Prod Support Kiddo Films

Special Thanks
Michael Millardo, Brightside Cinema, Kiddo Films, SEARA Fund

The story behind the film

We all struggle with turbulent shifts in our mental health. I wanted to challenge myself to create a narrative that touches on these themes and resolves in under a minute.
This film was produced in 6 days with the support of the SEARA Fund in Vancouver BC.


Genre: Action / Fantasy
Country: Canada
Language: English
Length in minutes: 00:50
YEAR: 2021