Paranormal Investigators

In a world where ghosts and ghouls aren’t a matter of folklore and legend but more everyday pests in need of control, we follow Abi as she embarks on her first day as an intern with the British Paranormal Investigation Team.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written and Produced by:
Alex Gibbons and Howard Perret

Directed by:
Markus Meedt

Starring (IOOA)
Edward Mitchell (Ewan)
Alice Etches (Abi)
Howard Perret (Toby)
Jodie Yates (Dave)
Sam Holmes (Chris)
Olivia Foan (Sarah)
Joshua McGuire (Terry)
Hebe Beardsall (Eva)

Cinematography by:
Nick Britt

Production Designed by:
Isabel Pirillo

Costume Design by:
Giulia Scrimieri

Make Up and Prosthetics by:
Sarah Rowland and Rebecca Wheeler

Sound Design by:
Mark Hodgkin

Sound Recordis: Paul Fairey

Edited by:
Jon Dean

Colouring by:
Ghislain Rio

Associate Producers:
Gabriel H. Gonzalez
Jeremy DeCoursey
Jesus Santaeularia

A Guerilla59TV Production

The story behind the film

Paranormal Investigators originated as a proof of concept pilot. We wanted to do something fun, and spooky and fundamentally British.

We are very pleased to introduce you to our rag tag team of Paranormal Investigators as they face scammers, fight off witches and learn a little something or another on the way.

We hope you enjoy the film and are looking forward to your response.

Many thanks,
Markus and the whole Paranormal Investigators team.


Genre: Comedy Horror
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Length in minutes: 13
YEAR: 2022