A lifetime spent steering the world in the wrong direction, the ways of the old can no longer be accepted. Society is opening its eyes, it’s standing up, it’s started to cleanse itself, making way for a new beginning – a new hope instilled, society is ready to move forward again. The world is in palingenesis.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast


Director / Cinematographer – Josh Jones
Executive Producer & 1st Asst. Director – Ed Rowell
Casting Director – Romy Bazillio
Steadicam Operator – Tom Lebaric
1st AC – Syed Mushtaq Ahmed
2nd AC – P. Jeyunol Abbdeen
Gaffer – Shahzad Ahmad
Original Score & Sound Design – PALAI
BTS Camera – Luis Grolez
Equipment – Action Filmz

Young Male Lead – Mohamed Mansour
Old Male Lead – Frederik Faidhi
Cleanser – Natalia Melnyk
Lead Cult Member – Chantal Elmi
Cult Member #1 – Anastasiia Pavlova
Cult Member #2 – Tomas Fox
Cult Member #3 – Zach Koenig
Cult Member #4 – Ed Rowell


Genre: Narrative
Country: United Arab Emirates
Language: No dialogue
Length in minutes: 02:29
YEAR: 2020