Nº1 Cambio

Destiny is written. We come into this world with a mission to fulfill, whether we like it or not. Our ability to choose is zero and the course of our lives is in other people’s hands. But what would happen if we managed to break that barrier?
If we managed to be aware that other hands are the ones that choose for us? Could we break the cycle and stop being puppets in the hands of others to be masters of our decisions?

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Nau Leone / Nº1 Cambio
Written and Directed by Bárbara Fdez. & Leilah Pérez

Starring: Sergio Pérez, Sara Vela, Iker Muñoz, María Barrios, Claudia Jimena Arévalo
Assistant Director: Fermín Gil
Dop: David Mendizábal
Camera Assistant: David Palomo & Irene de Anta
Gaffer: Sergio Toro Arias & Marco García
Art Director: Isabel Ortega
Makeup Head: Javier Serra
Colorist: David Mendizábal
Graphic Design: Ipnosix Studio
Edit: Leilah Pérez & Bárbara Fdez.
Still photography: Miriam Cuesta & María Vela

Extras: Izan García, Roselys Muñoz, Diana González, Romero Roleytana, Vanesa Roleytana, Angélica Moyano, David Morales, Javier Golvano, Laia Rosell Massana, Emma Afanador, Jose González, Pablo Suarez, Carmen Millet, Geraldine Cardenas, Deyanira Muiño, Alejandro Jaldo, Adrián López, David Rubira, Miriam Cuesta, Javier Serra, Sergio Odriozola, Jonatan Castillo, S. Fernandes Da Costa, Ana Garrido Baquero.

The story behind the film

Nº1 Cambio’ is the first advance of the third studio album by the artist Nau Leone: ‘Cambio’. Scheduled for release in early 2023.


Genre: Music Video
Country: Spain
Language: No dialogue
Length in minutes: 4:28
YEAR: 2022