No Comment

A anguished action star hits his breaking point when a young journalist investigates his complicity in a scandal.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written & Directed by Russell Goldman
Producers: Amanda Prager, Maia Nelles-Sager, Arianna Barker, Russell Goldman
Executive Producers: Alison Byers, Carole Dean, Ken Lipper, Erin & Claude Stansbury, Mallory & Diana Walker
Associate Producers: Dan Bachman, Emily Feher, Stanley Mortimer, Alsessandro Uzielli, Eli Sands, Shelley Slade

Starring: Robert Lewis Stephenson, Henita Telo, Tucker Reynolds, Magnus Christoffersen, Shane Bannon, David Peck, Emma Croft, Mark Nordike, Michelle Agresti, Erique Duboise, Kris Tapley, with R. Scott Hoffman as Doug and Celina Bernstein as Lyla

Assistant Director & Intimacy Director: Sofie Somoroff
Director of Photography: Matt Kleppner
Production Designer: Shane Bannon
Casting by: Jamie Ember
Editors: Maia Nelles-Sager & Russell Goldman
Costume Designer: Sofia Celedon
Hair & Makeup Designer: Emma Croft
Composer: Josh Davidoff

Assistant Camera: Jackie Bao
2nd Assistant Camera & Dolly Grip: Sam Pemberton
Key Grip: Erique Duboise
Gaffer: Kishan Patel
Graphic Designer: Chelsea Javier
Production Sound Mixers: Gordon Smith, Matt Thompson
Sound Designer: Nate Flaks
Re-Recording Mixer: Ryan Young
Colorist: Elliott Powell
Still Photographer: Ali Arminio

The story behind the film

When the #MeToo movement began, former colleagues of guilty men started speaking publicly about assailants whose behavior they’d spent decades looking the other way from. The stories from these enablers compelled me to stare at the mirror and made me question my own relationship to complicity—have I ever looked the other way? Have I faced an opportunity to do something and fail? I created “No Comment” as a character study of a man who embodies an extreme form of this denial—someone who believes he bore witness to an assault and suffers because he chose the wrong response. What happens to this figure if someone threatens to expose this response on the largest platform imaginable? Would he confess first? I thought a short film served this idea best: we would never leave the studio, we would never jump in time, we would be left in suspense at what the hell could happen next.


Genre: Drama / Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 16
YEAR: 2020