Night Noise

“Night Noise” captures the feeling of isolation and loneliness in a crowded world full of noise.

Utilising sound bites from 1955s Mental Health Film Board educational film “The Lonely Night”, as well as sounds captured in our galaxy by NASA and references to films we have liked this year. Night Noise highlights our timeless search to connect with something bigger, in order to find purpose within ourselves. But before we can connect with others, we need to learn to embrace and love all the versions of ourselves, and appreciate the beauty of nature around us.
It is a hopeful and encouraging look to move forward and filter out the noise that speaks to us and an encouragement to look after our mental health.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Film by: I-M
Sound Design: Michael Chubb
Colour: Harvir Gill

The story behind the film

Night Noise was the result of our rebellion against the sluggishness that had overcome us during Lockdown.

After struggling to do any creative work, facing writers block and not many shoots happening in general, we decided that we can’t let this year come to an end, without one final push.

Not entirely sure where this stroppy rampage would take us, we left the house at 3 in the morning with a camera and tried to find a way to capture our current state of mind. Disconnected and confused, but also hopeful and eager.

With a deadline for the Shiny – New Director awards looming less than 3 days away since that early morning, we sat down and completed the film within 48 hours.
After months of feeling a certain creative lull that allowed all of our insecurities to balloon to new heights, Night Noise became a therapeutic lifeline for us. We hope the film gives the audience a similarly hopeful outlook and an encouraging call to action to push through the night and embrace a new day to come.


Genre: Experimental
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Length in minutes: 2
YEAR: 2021