New Born

Upon the release of a new female AI, an older AI is faced with the pressure of becoming obsolete. With her eyes open to the troubling world around her, she becomes aware of her abusive master, resulting in a destructive breakdown.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Writer / Director / Producer – Oli Greck
Sound Recordist – Matteo Di Cugno
MUA – Lucy Vick
Runners – Stephanie Schiffner, Scott Washington, Laura Gillard, Nathan Higgins, Georgiana Penciu
Cinematographer & Editor – Oli Greck
Original Score – Monika Mia
Sound Mixer & Additional Sound Designer – Mauro “Kenji” Serra
Digital Compositor – Zafer Ercevik
Additional VFX – Oli Greck
Behind the Scenes – David JJ Lionel

Amber Doig-Thorne
Peter Wheel-Jones
Peter Breen
Philip Gill
Kasper Lewis
Tahrif Naviq
Poppy Abbott

Special Thanks:
Raza Mehdi
Kasper Lewis

The story behind the film

The original idea for the film was conceived by Oli Greck written to depict a female protagonist trapped in a world that doesn’t respect her. The first written version actually turned out to be a sequel to the film that eventually became ‘New Born’. Busy on other projects, the original idea was left in a drawer where it grew in Greck’s mind. A year later the pen was picked back up and Greck wrote an entirely new prequel that is the film we see today.

Like many short films, a challenge the film faced was a limited budget. It became clear in the early stages that the only way to successfully turnaround production would be to shoot the film in a very short window of time, effectively putting the majority of the production budget into just a few quality days on set. After the cast was confirmed and pre-production was making rapid progress, the director and main cast got together for rehersal and make-up testing, this was the best time to bring the screenplay and characters to life. Due to the thorough pre-production and hardworking cast & crew, the film then went on to wrap it’s entire production in just two days.


Genre: Sci-Fi
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Length in minutes: 16.42
YEAR: 2020