My Child

A poetic self-portrait reflecting on childhood, growing up, and the loss of innocence.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Shot, edited, and acted by Deniz Akyurek
A poem by Deniz Akyurek
Voiced by Lida Everhart
Music by Hiroshi Yoshimura and Aphex Twin
Featuring Yagmur Akyurek

Full Poem

What’s happened to my Play? Oh mother, where is Youth? Sometimes I see a shimmer of it, a reflection in the light Sometimes I think I see it in me But always it’s illusory Always I am searching for it; for me My Child, where are you? Come back to me Come out and play

The story behind the film

The film began as a desire to translate my feelings about growing up into visual form. But as I started filming it became harder and harder to keep myself from describing those feelings in words. Through collaboration with my friend Lida Everhart, we were able to find a middle ground between visuals and the written word through a visual poem.


Genre: Visual Poem / Experimental
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 2
YEAR: 2021