MOTHER is a short film shot during the time of the COVID, about life, fear, dance and hope.
MOTHER? Is it really you? Are you there?

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written and Directed: Pelayo Muñiz
DOP Edition and Color Grading: Rafa G. Arroyo
Choreographer and Dancer: Jessica Ruso
Producer: Ricardo Fernández
Assistant Camera: Antonio G. Albalate
Costume Design: Penny Century
Tailor: Olga Sola
Music by Artlist : Revelations by Tristan Barton
Motion Graphic Desginer: Pablo Jiménez

The story behind the film

Mother is a experimental dance short film shot just before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The main idea was to create a film to convey the feelings that people were experiencing during the pandemic. So we decided to make a figure/main caracther who will fight against all these fears but at the same time transmit empowerment and hope. Hence the name Mother.

Mother is divided into three parts: the start that represents fear, the part of the turn that represents the struggle and the part of the uprising that represents hope. Once we defined these parts, we got down to work with Jesica to choreograph our piece. In addition, photography played an important role, where we defined a color palette with complementary colors to give more emphasis to our clash of emotions.

Of course, the stilying was also one of the key pieces of our project, since we wanted a dress as if it were a fantasy story and that at the same time was like for Jesica when dancing. The result has been a wonderful piece that has been able to move forward thanks to the great effort of the team, as we recorded for several weeks in different parts of Spain. We cannot be more pleased with the result.


Genre: Experimental / Dance
Country: Spain
Language: English
Length in minutes: 3:56
YEAR: 2021