Everyone desires to be happy. Even though we don’t feel happy, we still want the world around us to believe that we are – and everything is alright.
The music video for the song ALRITE, by the hip-hop band MONTI, explores this duality of how we often tend to suppress our true feelings and just “put on a happy smile”, though we feel completely different behind the facade.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

A production by Impuls Film.
Directed by Johan Nagstrup & Alexander Bachmann

Producer: Christian Constantin Pontoppidan
Cinematographer: Alexander Bachmann
Editor: Johan Nagstrup
Cast: Daniel Aneto, Jakob Larsen & Philippa Frederiksen
Colorist: Kristopher Paterson
Lighting: Anders Vangsøe, August Mydtskov & Mikkel Bøje
Steadicam: Mikkel Bøje
Set design: Sara Sadeghian
Make up: Liv Højgaard & Kathrine Lyngsøe
Prop maker: Christian Constantin Pontoppidan
VFX: Alexander Bachmann & Kristopher Paterson


Genre: Music Video
Country: Denmark
Language: English
Length in minutes: 4.40
YEAR: 2020