Mister Swolo

Facing a problematic creative block, Harrison embarks on a journey to Glen Coe with his best friend in order to reignite his artistic imagination. Mister Swolo is a Scottish short film which tackles comedy through surrealist cinema. Just how real is your imagination?

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Starring Jack Anderson, Gary Bannon and Ryan Caldwell.
Written and Directed by Eric Liddle
Produced by Caitlin Macintyre and Eric Liddle.
Executive Produced by Nick Higgins.
Director of Photography: Jack Jeffrey.
Sound Design: Maitaine Eyheramonho
First AD: Caitlin Macintyre
Make Up/Costume: Sarah Alexander
Third AD/Runner: Alan Sharp
Edited by Matthew Greenaway and Eric Liddle.
Graded by Jakub Sirkowski.
Original Soundtrack by Gianluca Bernacchi.
Special thanks to:
Progressive Broadcast, Zsoka Studios, Craig Devine, Jonny Barrington, Sam Firth, Craig Duris, Claudia Docherty.


Genre: Surreal Comedy
Country: Scotland
Language: English
Length in minutes: 11:07
YEAR: 2018