A lonely technology addict signs up for a bizarre dating service, which calls his human existence into question.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Kaloyan Minev
Lora Hristova
Marin Rangelov
Gergana Stoyanova

written, directed, edited by: Rumen Russev
producer: Dessy Tenekedjieva
cinematographer: David Valkov
music by: Henri Salonen

executive producer: Rumen Russev
executive producer: Eleni Dekidis
1st assistant camera: Konstantine Zhekoff
gaffer: Boyan Zaharinov
sound mix: Georgi Tsvetkov
BTS photos: Diko Jelev
BTS videos: Ivan Shalaverov
make-up artist: Doriana Paneva
production assistant: Kalina Batkova
illustrator (film poster): Teodora Yaneva
colorist: Lyubomir Balabanov

The story behind the film

Mimesis is an artistic exploration of an intriguing statement: robotics is about us. It is the discipline of emulating our lives and wondering how we work. My story focuses on the process of learning by simply imitating what we see.


Genre: Drama / Comedy / Romance / Sci-Fi
Country: Bulgaria
Language: Bulgarian
Length in minutes: 5’50”
YEAR: 2023