Mia & The Skeletons' Night From Hell

When a newly broken-up punk band becomes trapped in a music venue overrun by demons, they must work together to survive the night. A short teaser setting up a larger story.

“Best Narrative Short” winner at AFMX (A Top 100 Film Fest) and selections at DTLAFF, Dark Red Horror and LA Punk Film Fest.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written & Directed by
Ryan Maples
Executive Producers
Maceo Greenberg
Jeff Norkin

Christine Duell
Patrick Lawrence

Director of Photography
Stephen Tringali

Donia Voss
Alfonso Caballero
Kyle Wallen
Mark Dasinger Jr.

Production Designer
Diego Freels-Gudiel

Patrick Lawrence

Music Composer
Hays Holladay

Casting Directors
Stefanie Seifer
Hailey Giles

Donia Voss

Alfonso Caballero

Kyle Wallen

Osman Alabaster
Mark Dasinger Jr.

Geo Lee

Tabitha Petrini

Lone Fan
John Bain

Metalhead Demon
Aaron Groben

Demonic Fans
Ivan Ehlers
Charlotte Elfenbaum
Mycroft (Miriam) Rose Holmes
Rob Banks
Mario Rappa
Azul Chevreuil
Kevin Martinez
Eliya Or
Eden Caliz
Sivan Moshe
Emanuel Tukes
Janise Trans
Alexandra Montero
Tyler Maddux
Armando Ortuño
Jamie Ho
Sean Villagran

First Assistant Director
Henry Brower
Travis Knight

1st AC
Jacob Laureanti
Minami Moriyama
2nd AC
Marq Wooten
Steadicam Operator
Jordan Sadler
David Sheetz
Key Grip
Tyler O’Reilly
Robert Libbee
Mike Smith
Patrick Joyner
Paul Gonzales
Ariel Rucker

Special Makeup FX Artist
Jen Grable

Makeup FX Assistant
Jay Quintana

Makeup FX PA
Jonathan Breiner

Art Department Assistant
Katie Parisi
Luca Milovanovic
Production Assistants
Audrey D’Antonio
Ryan Cho
Jen Grable
Megan Lauchner
Visual Effects Artist
Justin Sarceno
Loren White
Sound Design & Mix
Patrick Joyner
Song Credits
“Cherry Burst” written by Hays Holliday
Motion Graphics
Veva Burns
Gear Provided by Keslow Camera
Copyright Ryan Maples 2023

The story behind the film

This idea came to me during the pandemic, friendships were falling apart and we had this feeling of the end of the world. I was in that mindset and at the same time I was writing a lot of supernatural stuff as well as music-based stuff and a friend said, you should combine the two. I was like, holy sh*t, of course! Then that’s when the idea dawned on me and that was the genesis of Mia & The Skeletons. Channeling my love of music with my love of gruesome horror comedies that I loved growing up led to the creation of Mia & The Skeleton’s Night From Hell. I set out to create something that was dumb, fun and a bloody good time. This is a proof-of-concept short that sets up a larger story. I am completely a feature version of the script and have a TV pilot version ready.


Genre: Horror / Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 4:53
YEAR: 2023