LLLL - Silent Dawn 静暁

A space traveler is about to find the secret behind a happy and fulfilling existence with the help of a supercomputer he has built himself inside his spaceship.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Music by LLLL
Released on King Deluxe

the traveler: Vincent Ercolani
voice of the traveler: Jimmy Lee

written, shot & directed by Konstantin Enste

set-assistants: Bianca Büdenbender & Julian Wulf

set/prop-design & edit: Konstantin Enste
additional set design: Bianca Büdenbender & Constanze Werneburg
space books design: Helen Enste

sound mixing & additional sound design: LLLL

miniature planet build by Constanze Werneburg
miniature spaceship built by Konstantin Enste
additional miniature shots: Sascha Heyden

special thanks to:
Julia Schraft
Florian Kluck
Christina Rankel
Lisa Röhrig
Plattform family

The story behind the film

The aim was to create a self-made, yet pleasing sci-fi aesthetic. To achieve that we tried to rely on a lot of practical effects wherever possible, for example miniatures for the spaceship and an alien planet were made.

The story is a (loose) reflection of myself growing older and asking myself wether there’s a masterplan for life.


Genre: Music Video
Country: Germany
Language: English
Length in minutes: 05:25
YEAR: 2022