A film about the absurdities about today’s mummy-hood.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Lucy – Rosalie Thomas
Security Guard – Sebastian Schwarz
Baby Knut – Jaromir König

Screenplay: Daniel Thomaser & Pola Beck
Directed by Pola Beck
Produced by Miriam Klein, a little. filmproduction GmbH
D.O.P: Juan Sarmiento G.
Editing: David J. Rauschning
Sound: Paul Rischer
Music: Johannes Repka

The story behind the film

A few month after my son’s birth, I was shocked how different everything was than in my expectations. The birth was horrible, still everyone expected me to be happy and fulfilled. I really felt the need to clear up with all „mother myth“, that exist in this world. I believe that many young mothers (and also fathers) in western countries are like my protagonist. They are torn between their own claims and the reality in which they find themselves after the birth of their child. It is important to me, however, that we can also laugh about it and I love to entertain.

Pola Beck


Genre: Comedy
Country: Germany
Language: German
Length in minutes: 10
YEAR: 2017