Sometimes we can’t escape the feeling of loneliness, pain, and sadness.
After « Loving » in which I did an ode to love, I wanted to do a b-side and this time show sadness, loneliness, breaks-up, mourning…

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written and directed by Thibaut Buccellato
Cinematography : Erik Henriksson
Starring (apparition order) :
Marie Colomb, Diane Rouxel, Pablo Pauly, Younès Boucif, Suzanne Jouannet, Lula Cotton Frapier, Paloma Coquant, Mehdi Baki, Tiphaine Daviot, Shaïn Boumedine, Lucie Zhang, Fanny Sidney, Makita Samba, Sofia Lesaffre, Julia Oberlinkels, Alseni Bathily, Nemo Shiffman, Benjamin Gauthier, Romann Berrux, Mi Kwan Lock, Sarah Perles, Alexia Chardard, Eva Danino, Syrus Shahidi

Music : “Broken” by Patrick Watson
Courtesy of : Secret City Records & Domino Records
Production : 27 Films & Anomalie Films
Producer : Kelly Dassault
Co-producers : Hugo Diaz & Thibaut Buccellato
Line producer : Floran Charpentier
Location manager : Lucas Sorbello
1st Assistant director : Aureliane Bonnefoy
2nd Assistant director : Romane Humbert
1st Assistant camera : Tom Haudry
2nd Assistant camera : Thibault Herby
3rd Assistants camera : Iris Marcesse & Erwan Le Tallec
Gaffer : Vincent Le Borgne
Editor : Zoé Sassier
Colorist : Sofie Friis Borup (Company 3)
Sound : Loic Canevet (Benzene Paris)
Shot on 35mm
Developping by : Silverway paris
Rolls provided by : Focus film lab
Camera provided by : RVZ Paris

The story behind the film

In 2021 I released a short film called Loving which was centered on love. An ode to love showing a multitude of couples in love. The film, set to Patrick Watson’s «Je te laisserai des mots», has totaled over 200,000 views across all platforms, and was selected for the 1.4 Film Festival, was in international competition at the Très court film festival, and won the Shiny Awards in England.

I wanted to create a film that responded to Loving, as its «b-side». The two films became like two sides of a coin. One allowing us to be enthusiastic about the love we have or want and its happiness. The other, to accept the end of a relationship, a farewell, a loss or simply our loneliness and sadness, and to tell ourselves that everything will be fine… Two films each on an emotional power: love and separation, happiness and sadness.


Genre: Drama / Music
Country: France
Language: No dialogue
Length in minutes: 3
YEAR: 2023