India in Sound & Vision

India in Sound & Vision compresses two months of travel across the subcontinent into an immersive three-minute film.

The film offers something more than a simple travel photography video; it focuses on the people that truly make it a wonderfully unique place.

Additionally, the music and soundscape are comprised entirely (ok, mostly) from sounds recorded organically: The voice of a Kathakali performer in Kerala; the drums from a dance in Pushkar; the sound of a man trying to sell us a flute on the streets of Varanasi. Particular care was taken with the seamless edit, delicately threaded together using ‘in-camera’ motion cutting techniques (no filters or masking!).

I wanted the film to serve as a reminder of the magic of India, in contrast to the sad images we see today as the country struggles to battle the pandemic. I am therefore also raising money for the British Asian Trust (link in Vimeo description).

I hope you enjoy!

Nathan Hussein

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Photography, Edit, Music and Sound by Nathan Hussein


Genre: Travel
Country: India
Language: English
Length in minutes: 3
YEAR: 2021