If In Doubt Paddle Out

An indie homage to the Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze cult surfing crime capper Point Break. If In Doubt Paddle Out, because you’ll never find yourself until you find your wave, kook!

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written & Directed by Andrew R. Blackman

Cast (in order of appearance):

Thomas: Thomas Persson
Bikini Mechanic: Cecilia Hanson
Bikini Babe One: Meisje Van Nederland
Bikini Bade Two: Kristina Alt
Old Surf Mistic: João Lopez Sr.
The Bodhisattva: Gonzalo Osorio
Surfer Girl: Catia Menina Cavalo
Surfer Girls Friend: Noora Svahn

Thomas’ surfboard built by Nico at Wave Gliders


Peter Oehlers
Benjamin Battell
Lea Sitkin
Sally Sally
Gemma Perez Perez
Hannah Hall
Max Groppfeldt
Arvid Gardin
Andrey Zagorulko
Lou Sherman


Produced by: Rikke Tambo Andersen
Director of photography: Jasper Spanning
Gaffer: Baulo “Joca” Alvef
Best Boy: Hugo Alvef

Executive Producers: Simon Eiler & Thomas Webster
Script Consultation: Daniel Joseph Borgman

Translator: João Lopez Jr. Jr.
Horse handlers: Está estável em Estrada do Zimbral
Camera & lens provided by: Red Rental APS

Edited by: Mik Stampe Fogh
Color by: Daniel Daniel De Vue at Bacon X
Main title design: Morten Gorm
Titles animated by Angry Mike at Angry Arts
Additional editing: Emil Østergaard

Sound engineered by Lars Bo Kjaer at Audio Lounge
ADR recorded by Adrian at Bacon X

The producers would like to thank the following:

Max Scheffknecht
Luca Einsiedler
Noora Svahn
Josefin Lundquist
Henna mi Wedin
Kathryn Willcox
Carl Mertens
Staff & guests at Rapture Surf Camps Portugal.

Very special thanks to:

Rui Riberio and Magic Quiver Surf Shop
Igreja de São Pedro ou Igreja Paroquial da Ericeira 
The Lopez Family of Foz de Lizandro


Genre: Drama / Comedy
Country: Portugal / Denmark
Language: English / Portuguese
Length in minutes: 8:00
YEAR: 2014