A young, colourful, highly intelligent girl with an archaic mind has been raised by overzealous helicopter parents who do everything in their power to keep her busy, hidden away and safe.

She wants her freedom, but she is systematically ingrained by the rules they have created. She can only find ways to combat her repressive parents through her own rebellious thoughts.

Upon witnessing something sinister, a dark reality comes crashing through the protective layers her family has devised for her. She is challenged to fend for herself.

The tightly wound rules must be challenged and the conventions by which she abides are shaken once and for all. A new echelon of liberty is uncovered.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Produced by: Chloe Naughton
Director of Photography: Jesse Gohier-Fleet
Assistant Director: Sebastian Bertoli
1st Assistant Camera: Harry Byrne / Lachlan Wright
2nd Assistant Camera: Chen Han / Paul Sui
Gaffer: Aaron Meredith
Colour: Abe Wynen
Sound Recordist: James Browning
Production Designer / Wardrobe / Art Department: Eva Otsing
Stills Photographer: Elisenda Russell
Catering: Steffi Snook, Joe White, Julia Laskowski
Graphic Design: Julia Laskowski


Genre: Comedy / Thriller
Country: Australia
Language: English
Length in minutes: 7
YEAR: 2019