House of Brotherly Love

Jaylen protects his sister. This is a story of one family’s unity, strength, and resistance.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Film By Max Kane A Krulock

Films Production

Omari K. Chancellor
Brooke Gardner
Joey Krulock
Lloyd Booker
Staci Dickerson
Ria Alexander
Brian Anthony Wilson
Ceecee Payne
Darius Levante
Jae Lassiter
Aaliyah Ellis
Vinie Burrows
Asa Jennings
London Anderson
Chris Gross
Debra Zane
Phil Ristaino
Erick Freitas
Matthew Rydzewski
Sean Conway
Greg Poppa
Montay Savoy
Ryan Kim
Brad Wakeman
Clay Westman
Sophie Savides
Mireille Villarqui
Amanda Schoonover
Reginald Baskerville
Tami Knox
Michael Witkes
Faye Chawzette
Sharon Spaeder
Marian Edmiston
Lindsay Reed
Kelly Mccaughan
George Graves
Donovan Lockett
Amajae Hardy-Jones
Azuri Hardy-Jones
Tara Mahoney
Max Sklar
Gabby Giggles
Kathi Muhammad
Palmer Ashe III
Earl Mcguire
Megan Lurose
Jordan Waintraub
Jany Kashika
Kali Victor
Alexa Kent
Stephanie Blankenship
Eric Moore
Terence Ellis
Karisa Kujo
Damian Joseph Quinn
Sierra Berkeley Fisher
Callie Collins
Laura Torrent
Johnny Wu

DP: Bradley Credit
UPM: Ben Gerber
Assistant Director: Neil Dua
Assistant Camera, VFX: Mike Overton
Production Sound: Will Hayes
Script Supervisor: Gray Deuber
Makeup: Katie Kane
Special Makeup Effects: Camille Harris
Catering: Yellow Springs
Location Manager: Robert Kane
Florist: Patrice Brady
Production Sesign: Charlie Orlando, Kathie Redmon
Production Assistant: Christina Hoffman, Victor Jones-Valverde
Editors: Joey Krulock & Max Kane
Color: Cameron Marygold
VFX Supervisor: Ivy Liao
Addl Sound Work: Alex Bologna
Poster: Alex Hinojosa

Music by
Frédéric Chopin
Karl Hoegstedt
Marcell Bellinger
J Rizzy
Robert Gross & Chris Gross
Travis Quentin Young

Thank You
Paula Ko
Luci Kane
Dorrette Harris
Daniel Nienhuis
Johan Hoegstedt
Freddy Robles
Brittany Young
Rich & Jeannie Walkup
Shawn & Stella Chen
Julie Elizabeth Knell
Steve Morris
Carl Meyer
Kasia Szarek
Isaac Conner
Olivia Poluch
Parker Mrozek
Ari Rubin
Dan Ryan
Jens Josephs
Scarlett Li
Elycia Olivette
Brendan Devoue

The story behind the film

I’m most proud of the group we brought together for this shoot. We championed a cast of 60 and crew of 15. Every person had a purpose and contributed in a major way. Overnights are never easy, but we worked with genuinely kind, talented people who believed in our story. For many people, this was their first time returning to set since the pandemic began. By the end of the week, everyone knew each other by name, and it hurt to say goodbye to those we had grown close to. I’m confident that lifetime relationships were made during this shoot, both professional and personal.


Genre: Dark Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 18.5
YEAR: 2021