Jane’s car breaks down in the outskirts of a small-town, and starts to experience supernatural activity connected to the ghost of a mass shooter.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Starring Joanna Kay and Adrian Deane
Directed by Gairo Cuevas
Produced by Bianca Vidal and Gairo Cuevas
Director of Photography Marlon Torres
Edited by Chelsea Walton
Music by Sylvain Carton and Mouzhan Yousefi
Script Supervisor Annabel Sandhu
Sound Recordist Colten Becker
Sound Designer Adrian Maruri
Sound Effects Editor Samantha Benedetti
Colorist Mark Dinicola
VFX Lead Abe Dieckman
Practical Effects Operator Tony Aldrich
Make-up Artist and Practical Effects Designer Margaret Caragan

The story behind the film

I have always been fascinated by urban legends, and have always wanted to create my own little spooky legend. When I was walking my dogs early one morning, and a parked van flashed its lights on and off, the idea of Hazard hit me then and there. I’ve had a couple of cars break down on me over the years, and thought about what if I broke down in complete darkness in a haunted area. Then I thought about Candyman and Bloody Mary, and how simply chanting their name conjures them up. The idea of the villain hanging his victims stems from my fear of choking. Doesn’t sound like fun. From there I just let my imagination dictate the story within budgetary limitations while I re-watched a lot of episodes of “Are You Afraid of the Dark.” I hope people are entertained by this low budget short horror film.


Genre: Horror
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 5min 38sec
YEAR: 2019