Hard Ground

Lowlife. High crime.

In the dead of the Canadian winter, a pair of unhinged drug-addicts attempt to dispose of a (rather large) corpse.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Credits / Collaborators / Cast: Directed by Samuel E. Mac
Produced by Lee Marshall, Samuel E. Mac, Jen Viens, Benjamin Del Vasto
Cinematography by Jose Fernandez
Sound by Atobop Studios
Cast: Lee Marshall, Jean Bernard, Michael D’Amico

The story behind the film

‘Hard Ground’ explores the ‘how not to dispose of a dead body’ trope, with influences ranging from films like Weekend at Bernies and Fargo.

We shot the film over three long, freezing nights in Montreal last winter. In squeezing humour from the grotesque, ​Hard Ground​​ is a love letter to both situational horror comedies, and the midnight movie genre.

Northeastern Canada is the place our cast and crew call home, and having a sense of humour about each never-ending winter season is a mandatory requirement. The film lives in this space, with scenes in forests and abandoned lots, but maintains the instinctive, often-cartoonish feeling of…well, having two protagonists (​or antagonists​) who are always high on crack.


Genre: Dark Comedy
Country: Canada
Language: English
Length in minutes: 11
YEAR: 2019