Halley's Comet

An ode to Halley’s Comet

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Writer/Director: Henry DaCosta
Executive Producer: Jeffery DelViscio
Digital Artist and Animator: Mitch Myers
Production: TYPE V
Additional Cinematography: Luc Ung
AC: Derin Egrikavuk
VO: Dave Pettitt
Featuring: Annika Mehta, Ashish Mehta
Editor & Colorist: Henry DaCosta
Sound Design & Mix: Christian Stropko

Special Thanks:
Dr. Andrew F. Cheng
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

The story behind the film

For this project I teamed up with Scientific American magazine to make a film about the famous comet. I got the idea for the film when I learned that in 1910 people were afraid that Halley’s comet was going to release a gas into the atmosphere and kill everyone. It turns out that people have feared Halley’s comet for thousands of years. I couldn’t help but tie the thread to this pandemic and our collective fear of the unknown. In the end, the film was our plea to keep trust in science and for the public to understand the importance of scientific curiosity and discovery. Without that we’d probably have blamed COVID on a shooting star too.


Genre: Non Fiction / Animation / Science
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 3:17
YEAR: 2021