Goodbye Dolly Morris

In this dark take on the classic family sitcom, Dolly Morris, the youngest of her family must navigate her way through a twisted, happy world in order to find the source of a constant laugh track that seems to be taunting her every move.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Dolly Morris – Leila Broughton
Puppets – Jaxon Graham-Wilson
Dr. Lydia – Clare Hollis
David Morris – Henry Phillips
Majorie Morris – Cherie Phillips
Martha Morris – Bronte Phillips

Director/Writer – Blake Hurford
Director of Photography – Tom Underwood
Sound Recordist – Josh Kind

The story behind the film

Our film explores the intricate dynamics of an emotionally abusive home through the setting of a classic family sitcom; one where the laugh track actively torments the main character. We have flipped the typical sitcom tropes that have become comfortable to audiences over the years and amplified the darker undertones that get under their skin.


Genre: Drama / Thriller
Country: Australia
Language: English
Length in minutes: 26:45
YEAR: 2020