An engaged man, living a double life and conflicted about his impending marriage, gets a procedure that allows him to take a glimpse into a possible future. With his newfound knowledge, he must decide whether to continue on the path set before him or take a new direction entirely.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Kenneth Trujillo
Pierce Lackey
Byron Wigfal
Renee Flowers

Writer/Director: Ryan Lilienfield
Producer: Gabrielle Chapman
Director of Photography: Christopher Lee Fatt
Production Designer: Steven Hedrick, Jr.
Editor: Ash Wilson

Original score by: Kyle Kirkpatrick
Sound Designer: Ryan Lilienfield

1st AD: Valery Garcia
2nd AD: Brittany Young
Emma Francis

MUA: Alex Goforth

Script Supervisor: Raven Carter
Gege He

Gaffer: Jim Shashaty
Key Grip: Michael Corder
Best Electric: Ash Wilson

1st AC: Maggie Xiong
2nd AC: Sean Piontek

Sound Mixer: Wessley Steele Smith
Lisette Delgado
BO: Wessley Steele Smith
James Ross

The story behind the film

Foresight was birthed from a single existential question: if my father, a homosexual man, could go back in time, having the relationship he has with his two children, would he live his life truthfully as an openly gay man, effectively erasing my sister and me from existence, or would he do it all the same way? There is no correct answer; real life is too nuanced for that, but I had to find a way to express those complex ideas on screen.


Genre: Sci-Fi / Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: English
YEAR: 2024