‘Flow State’ is a visual keyword hodgepodge to showcase New York City’s fast-paced and disorienting way of life. The film seeks to provoke strong emotions of urgency and continuity that I felt through my experience living in New York. Dance, body language, and the usage of camera movements accompany each other to build up a momentum that represents the pressure one feels living in the city.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Tony Wang
Instagram: @tonyntwang

Instagram: @isio.maya

Kathrine Woloson
Instagram: @kat_woloson

The story behind the film

I prepared for the shoot by sifting through many short films online for inspiration. I then take notes to analyze why two shots cut seamlessly and try to apply them to my works. The obstacle I encountered during pre-production was mainly about visualizing what shot movement will go with the next one so that they not only look pretty but adds to the emotion I try to build in this project. As soon as I arrived on location during the day of shooting, intuition kicks in and I immediately began to think like an editor during the shooting process. In the end, a lot of the planned shots are modified on the spot!

Editing is the process of creating a script. Since the film has no narrative structure, I experimented with a variety of shots to create the gripping opening scene. At last, I ended with an “invisible rope tug” shot that physically drags the audience closer to the action!


Genre: Experimental / Dance
Country: USA
Language: No dialogue
Length in minutes: 1:06
YEAR: 2021