After he discovers his own dead body on a beach, Eyan sets out on a new chapter in life, void of his past. However, he soon realizes that his past may not be as removed as he thought. The more he tries to move forward, the closer it seems to catch up to him. Eyan must confront his own growth as an artist, and decide whether he needs to destroy one last piece of himself in order to properly leave his past behind.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director: Peter Widdrington
Writers: Eyan Weiss, Peter Widdrington
Producer: Sara Jade Alfaro, Peter Widdrington, Liam Higgins
Cinematography: Liam Higgins
1st AC: Adam Cummerford
Production Designer: Nikayla Van Asperen
Location Sound: Michael Curtis
Makeup: Samantha Ryan
Gaffer: Douglas Cunningham
PA’s: Yasmin Evering Kerr, Ibrahim Issa

Editor: Oliver Whifield-Smith
Composer: Alex Gluch
ColorHouse: Art Jail
Colourist: Kevin Wu
Colour Assist: Shay Koshy

The story behind the film

I have known Eyan and our DP Liam Higgins since my first year of film school. We quickly became friends, and worked together on projects with one another as we figured out what we wanted to do.

Back in university, life felt like it had a plan, but after a year of being outside of school, life felt aimless. Eyan had left to BC for a year to work on getting his Canadian Visa, while Liam and I worked separately on commercials. After Eyan came back to Toronto, we began to talk about our lives, and the lack of direction we were both facing with our work. After many conversations, it became clear that there was a universal story in each of us. At a certain point, every artist needs to look at their past and decide how much of it is going to dictate their life moving forward. Even when we feel like we moved on, it sometimes seeps through the work we make, and can prevent us from fully progressing into our new selves. After hearing Eyan talk about his own past, and how it incorporated itself into his work, I knew there was a chance to create a film and tell a story that could resonate with an audience.


Genre: Experimental / Documentary
Country: Canada
Language: English
Length in minutes: 4mins 55sec
YEAR: 2022