Due to our excessive smartphone use an exhibitionist struggles to get the attention he is seeking for.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written, directed, edited and produced
by Sylvia Borges

Cast (in order of appearance):
Exhibitionist – Ryan Wichert
Guy with the dick pic – Robin Uhlmann
Selfie girl – Negien Haddad Kaveh
Selfie girl – Anna Nemykina
2nd exhibitionist – André Mehlhop-Lange
Father – Konrad Bohley
Mother – Claudia Sárkány
Daughter – Lara Kebeck

Music – Sebastian Haßler
Sound – Moritz Minhöfer
Grading – Max Hüttermann
CGI – 5ter Stock

The story behind the film

One day in a train I thought to myself ‘I could take of all my clothes and nobody would notice’ because all the people around me were staring at their phones. And I wondered ‘How must an exhibitionist feel – somebody who desperately wants to be seen?’. In that moment this film idea was born.


Genre: Comedy / Mockumentary
Country: Germany
Language: German / Engl. Subtitles
Length in minutes: 03:16
YEAR: 2020