Evil Demon Rabbits

An untimely surprise party takes a dark turn as a disturbed Cameron (Blake Hurford) is told that his family has knowledge of the end of the world. As mysterious creatures begin to make themselves known, he discovers that “The Day of The Husk” is a catastrophe far closer to home than he could have ever known.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written and Directed By Blake Hurford

Clare Hollis
Henry Phillips
Blake Hurford

Leigh Wyatt
Carole Ainley Kirk
Fi Dee
Sharmila Kumaran
Doris Kumaran
Peter Groves
Addison Lewis

Thomas Underwood
Jillian Wills
Henry Phillips
Tayne Rapana

Music Credits:
David Fesliyan
Lucas King


Genre: Horror
Country: Australia
Language: English
Length in minutes: 20
YEAR: 2019