ESCAPE captures a classically-trained painter as he falls more in step with the pace of his art-form. After a long stint in the city where the fast way of life is beginning to encroach upon the art world, he goes back to his roots on a remote island in Scotland. The Isle of Mull is where he is able to clear his head and regain focus.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director/DP/Editor. Rufus Wilson

Featured artist. Alastair Brown

Original Score. Ashley Wagg

Colourist. Clinton Homuth

Mix and master. WAVWORKS

The story behind the film

At it’s heart, ESCAPE is a short documentary about art and the world that comes with being an artist – told from an artist’s perspective. Additionally, the aim was to portray an underlying message that showcases the values of nature and magnify the importance of the positive effects it brings when we give it the opportunity to connect with us. Visually, it felt right to shoot mostly using a 35mm lens for the perfect focal length, heightening the impact of the imposing landscapes and humble the viewer whilst maintaining the sense of reality. We maintained this throughout the sound design and score to seamlessly leave the viewer eager for an escape of their own.


Genre: Documentary
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Length in minutes: 5 minutes
YEAR: 2022