During a student party, as guests disperse and confide in each other, gossips spread about Ilyès and Jérem, two longstanding friends, with whom one suspects an unavowed or non-reciprocal love affair.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director : Amaury Foucart
Main actors : Simon Andrieux, Raphaël Mingau
Supporting actors : Sarah Delabassé, Apolline Di Girolamo, Ornella Diaz, Claire Freyermuth, Dimitri Defontaine, Maxime Licoine, Fethi Saïdi
Assistant director : Thomas Barbenson
Production : Mélody Duriez
Casting director : Guillaume Lebègue
Director of photography : Arthur Havet
Camera assistant : Axel Villaz
Continuity script : Lidwine Verbrugge
Set decorators : Juliette Catelle, Guillaume Lebègue
Sound / Production sound mixer : Philippe Collet
Make-up artist : Cloé Maxi
Costume coordinator : Lilian Navarro
Location managers : Corentin Berthet, Axel Foucart
Film editor : Amaury Foucart
Assistant editor : Noé Vercaemst
Sound editing : Noé Vercaemst
Credits design : Chloé Vandewalle, Noé Vercaemst
Music soundtrack : Ave
Extras : Thomas Barbenson, Corentin Berthet, Guillaume Lebègue, Cloé Maxi

A 28m² production


Who hasn’t already spread rumors, or suffered from unsaid things in a group of friends?

Through different conversations between students at a party, “Echoes” evokes the consequences, for two young men, of a gossip spread about their sexual orientation. By confronting several points of view into a group of friends, I wanted to show how the possible homosexuality of two boys could be perceived in our society, which automatically reduced everybody to one’s supposed sexuality.


Genre: Drama
Country: France
Language: French
Length in minutes: 6:37
YEAR: 2020