Frank leaves his family in search of a new home.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Max Kane (writer, director, producer, co-editor)
Joey Krulock (actor, cinematographer, co-editor)

Cast: Varda Appleton, Danny Ruiz, Barry Schwam, Monique Blanchard, Neil Dua, Katie Lynn Stoddard, Abby Hilden, Tim Phelan, Chris Gross, Priscilla Kandel, Matt Christman, Isaac Conner, Michelle Paul, Kasia Szarek, Zyaire Clemes, Aesop Aquarian, Boz Paul, Milo Borghello, Daisy Elizabeth Moussavi, Matias Salas Silva, Kristian Pierce

Music: Jeff Mamett, Karl Hoegstedt, The Bummers, Meiñü, Minka, Blest Jones, Rent Party, Bennett foley, Shira Snow, Travis Quentin Young

Special Thanks:
Daniel Kane, Daniel Nienhuis, Matthew Forrest, Kenzo Le, Freddy Robles, Kiersten Vannest, Mike Overton, Megan Krulock, Abby Hilden, Enoch Sedam, Pablo Riesgo, Reuben Walker, Stephen Carrier, Christina Montojo, Jens Josephs, Steve Gibson, Ivy Liao, Lizann Dennis, Olivia Poluch, Ben Gerber, Caroline McGlynn, Kokane Family, Krulock Family

DUCK: One Man's Gonzo Road Trip Across America

Max Kane & Joey Krulock create a chaotic world within one frame

When I moved from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles in 2018, I left loving friends and family behind. I felt as though I had abandoned my parents, who had supported me my entire life, and my younger brother, who had just started high school. For me, it wasn’t just leaving home. My entire world – and everything I had ever known – was changing. This film is a reflection of my chaotic mind during that time of separation.

We had a unique set-up: camera mounted on our car hood, running to a power bank in the back seat, connected to a monitor, which I watched in the trunk while directing via walkie talkie. Filming from one angle allowed us to pre-set light/sound beforehand. Doing so gave Joey and I the rare opportunity to focus exclusively on performance while shooting.

Since we were the only two people that could be on set, Joey and I leaned on our friends who helped us out however they could. We were given script notes, production advice, make-up lessons, location recommendations, and even tutorials on how to replace car windows. DUCK would not have been the same project without the generosity of so many.

I consider making this film one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, things I’ve ever done. Over the span of 3 months, we had many sleepless nights on the road, and what felt like countless problems throughout the shoot, but we came out with a finished piece that we are proud of, and excited to share!


Genre: Dark Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 18
YEAR: 2020