Drummer Boy

The story of an amateur Musician who takes things to the extreme with his obsession for drumming. His health suffers tremendously and his obsession turns into madness when chasing the perfect sound.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Starring Aidan Grossman
Directed by Fatty Soprano & Shutterr
Written by Fatty Soprano & Aidan Grossman
Director of Photography : Fatty Soprano & Shutterr
Editor : Fatty Soprano
Colourist : Fatty Soprano

The Making Of

The story behind the film

We really wanted to bring this screenplay to life and give it a particular look even though it was a shoestring budget. The Talented Aidan Grossman stepped up to the lead role and gave a heartfelt performance. Aidan also helped us with the writing process of the script, since he is an excellent drummer and a huge music connoisseur.


Genre: Drama
Country: Canada
Language: English
Length in minutes: 6:05
YEAR: 2020