Don't Water The Vine

An ambitious young architect tries to hold his life together after he starts uncontrollably producing grapes from his mouth.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written, directed and produced by – Ian Bousher & Theo Gee

Cooper – Jumaane Brown
Alistair (Kev) – Stephen Sheridan
Stan – Jason Griffin
Helen – Cora Kirk
Dr Gorman – Philip Gill

Producer – Will Edwick & Theo Gee
Cinematographer – Alex Metcalfe
Art direction – Jenny Dee
Wardrobe – Sally Byrne
Hair & Make Up – Max Seygas
Focus Puller – Ceri Evans
Loader – Tom Burlinson
Sound Recordist – Kerem Isik
SFX – Theodore Salisbury & Ian Bousher
VFX Supervisor – Mark Millena
Compositors – Justin Gros-Desir, Sean Lewis, Chris Bowers
Editor – Theo Gee
Colourist – Sebastian Ziabka
Composer – Tom Jeeves
Sound Design – Edward Guy
Runners – Nick Malev, Lea Otovic, Kat Docherty
Catering – Linda Gelernter


Genre: Dark Comedy
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Length in minutes: 17
YEAR: 2020