Don't Be a Sucka

After a decade apart, two old friends, John and Brent reminisce over drinks and remember the good ole days of their past. As the drinks flow, Brent takes the opportunity to apologize for his family’s racist tendencies, revealing why their friendship became so estranged. When they switch from beers to something a little stronger, we learn that John’s true intentions weren’t just to catch up with an old friend.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Starring Travon McEntyre & Ben Brown

Written, Produced & Directed by A.J. Riggins

Travon McEntyre: John
Ben Brown: Brent

Production Company: Enelo Pictures
Co-Writer: Sammy Leach
Producer: Katie Sanderson
Director of Photography: Jared Freeman
Production Designer: Noland Vannoy
Editor: CJ Duncan
Associate Producer: Kendall Allen & Tyshia Allen
Music by: Michael Gaffney
1st AD: Katie Sanderson
2nd AD: Nicholas Dardes
UPM: Sammy Leach
Art Director: Gabe Lopez
1st AC: Mateo Davis
2nd AC: Jacob Love
Script Supervisor: Tristian Blair
Sound Mixer/Boom Operator: Sean Breitkreutz
Gaffer: Mitchell Brinker
Key Grip: Hannah Godfrey
G/E Swing: Matthew Charity
Assistant Editor: Aliyah Bryant
BTS: Noland Vannoy
PA: Kaylord Hill
Sound Designer: CJ Duncan
Colorist: Jared Freeman

Featuring the song “Fighting”
Written and Performed by Drew Anthuny

Television Footage: U.S. War Department. (1947). ‘Don’t Be a Sucker’

Special Thanks:
The Family of A.J. Riggins, Justin Okons, Alan & Tangela Carelock, Laura Palka Callis, Adrain Kendrick, Darryl Bellamy, Calvin & Robin Cleveland, Warren (Tre) Verrett, Latesha Byrd, Maurice Hodge

Filmed on location in North Carolina


Genre: Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 8
YEAR: 2020