Distant Lights

A woman wanders the places that once meant something about her past love. There, between the darkness, the memories and the shadows of the day, she thinks she sees him. She remembers fragments of a life… perhaps lived, perhaps only desired…

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Cast: Paula Piñón & Meison Noise
Voice-over: Aifric Nolan.

Written and Directed by Víctor Luiz Riona

Cinematography by Mike Macías & Eva Mackey
Editing by Alejo Cloppet
Sound Editing by Amaia Yáñez
Music by Kai Tak

Executive Producers: Víctor Luiz Riona, Mike Macías & Eva Mackey
Producer: Eva Bodas
Assistant Producers: Paula Brown & Diana Higueras

Camera Assistant: Pinky Alonso
Gaffer: Daniel Bato
Colourist: Vicky Vigo
Graphics: Eva Barroso
Driver: Jimmy Monagar

Camera Equipment Provided by LENSO
Light Equipment Provided by GECISA


Genre: Visual Poetry / Drama / Romance
Country: Spain
Language: English
Length in minutes: 3:52
YEAR: 2021