Different Pages

This is an animated music video for the song Different Pages by David Urbinati.

Alarm systems go off as an escape pod jettisons from a mothership splitting apart two beings.

This project is the first time I’ve combined my animation skillset with that of an original song. I’ve always wanted to animate music videos of my music. However, the time investment of animation vs. music production of the same length is quite disproportional (with animation taking the most time, of course).

Right after I wrote and recorded Different Pages, I was inspired to tell a visual story along with the song. I dove straight into the art direction going for a geometric and colorful style which felt grainy and cinematic. The story came naturally and following storyboards I had created, I animated each shot into what I’m very happy to share with you here.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written, directed, and animated by David Urbinati
Sound Design by Stephen C Shapiro
Song by David Urbinati
Live Drums by Earl Bennett
Background Vocals by Michal Milliken
Mastered by Sam Moses


Genre: Animation / Music Video
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 2:40
YEAR: 2022