When the crowd shouts out, there is nobody listening. It is only a continuous and frightening overflow of dark voices. Then, suddenly, everything calms down. That is the moment when the artist can speak out. «Where are you?» he says. In a room full of ghosts, an artist can’t do anything but shout to uncover his world. Cura is the solution, or maybe just an illusion, but still an effective response. That’s our society. This is us, now. Once again and forever.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

With Clementine Balcaen, Paul Dussaux and Otis Verhamme
Directed by Noé Vercaemst & Davide Fecarotti
Written by Luigi D’Antoni
Assistant director Amaury Foucart
DOP Arthur Havet
MUA Chloé Offerlé
Original music Hakan Eriksson
Fashion Design Lilian Navarro
Title and generic Chloé Vandewalle
Photograph Camille Hory
Special Thanks to Lillie Manou and ESA Saint Luc Tournai

The Making Of


Genre: Drama
Country: Belgium
Language: Italian
Length in minutes: 1min46
YEAR: 2020