Crusoe Of Tin City

On a beach at the edge of a great desert, an old man lives alone with his dog in a town half buried in the dunes. They might be the last people left on Earth. But when the last of us is gone, what remains?

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Yannick Jamey – Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Musician
Eliza Scott – Writer
Tayan Hunter – Voice Over
Ernst Reijseger – Music Composer/Musician

The story behind the film

This is my first short film, made entirely on my own and shot over the course of multiple trips to this unique location in Australia. At first, I started with a documentary approach but in the editing room it turned into something more abstract, following a loose narrative.

I felt that there was a poetry to the images and the character’s silence that spoke for itself. There was also somehow a childlike feeling to it, echoing ‘The Little Prince’, which spoke to me. And so I decided to write a poem specifically for the images, read by a child — a prophetic, almost “impossible” voice if you will, which becomes open to interpretation.

So this became, quite unexpectedly, a very personal and experimental film for me, that simply explores a feeling, a fantasy or metaphor… about childhood, about being cast away, about trying to find a decent place to lay our head.


Genre: Experimental / Poetry
Country: Australia
Language: English
Length in minutes: 14
YEAR: 2022