Relationship on the rocks? Trying for a baby? Need help spicing it up in the bedroom?
Then you need Clive, the UK’s best mood creator. Clive is part of a hilarious trilogy of shorts based on true stories that shine a light on the absurdity of real life. Shot in between set ups of the other two stories, Clive quickly developed from a one page gag to a mini film made possible by the mock-documentary filmmaking style and the impressive performances by the cast. Graham Dickson who plays Clive was a joy to watch as he channelled his own version of David from Prometheus mixed with a little Enrique Iglesias. It had no right to work but it did.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast


Clive – Graham Dickson

Sally – Laura Evelyn

Max – Phil Lindsey

DOP – Matt Patrick

Sound – Jasmine Allodi

Sound Mixer – Simone Beun Stampbell at Clearcut

Colourist – Matt Patrick

Written, Directed and Edited by Simon K Matthews


Genre: Comedy
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Length in minutes: 4.37 minutes long
YEAR: 2020