Mysteriously forced apart as teenagers, two stepsisters reunite at a funeral at their childhood home in the south of France.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed by Laurie Barraclough
Written by Frankie Meredith & Laurie Barraclough

Starring Isabella Speaight & Molly Murphy

Producers – Isabella Speaight & Molly Murphy
Cinematographer – Ernest Tu
Editor – Catriona Delbridge
Original Score – Georgina Hay
Sound Designers – Julia Hardecka & Sean Mahoney
Production Designer – Sophie Earthroll
Hair & Make-up Designer – Madeleine Ellis

The story behind the film

A semi-autobiographical story, ‘Clementines’ is set in the childhood home of actor/producer Molly Murphy. Pairing up with actor/producer Isabella Speaight, an old family friend, they approached Laurie Barraclough to craft the story with Frankie Meredith. ‘Clementines’ was shot on the Sony A7Sii – with one 35mm lens and using natural light for the entire shoot.


Genre: Drama
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Length in minutes: 18
YEAR: 2019