In the near future, an 11-year old girl’s loyalty to her parents is tested after an attack by her caregiver hints to a greater violent upheaval beyond their rural surroundings.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Jason Isaacs
Cali DiCapo
Maria Elena Laas
Meredith Adelaide
Written & Directed by John Robinson Irwin
DP: Alejandro Chavez
Music: Bryce Miller
Executive Producer: John Robinson Irwin
Co-Producer: Francis Dreis
Producers: Aaron Boyd, Kirstin Winkler, Jason Issacs
1st AC: Allen Chodakowski
2nd AC: Alejandro Echevarria
Gaffer: Kenneth Stachnik
Key Grip: Mario Acevedo
Prod. Designer: Ava Jones
Key Make-up/Hair: Kenneth Alexander
Costume Designer: Alejandra Villalobos
Specialty Costumes: Christopher Dooly
Sound Mixer: Paul Wells
Boom Operator: Ethan Rhanielle
1st AD: Heather Blair
Production Assistant: Peyton Dilweg
Studio Teacher: Geraldine Deutsch
Casting Directors: Jennifer Brooks and Julie Hutchinson

The story behind the film

Cera was created as a proof of concept for an expanded feature film version titled North End that I wrote. I’ve been excited to flesh out the look and feel of the world before finally directing the feature, and Cera provided a perfect opportunity to do just that. Cera succeeding as a short film on its own was always a hope but it’s been more important for me that viewers are enticed by the greater story to come. My instagram channel instagram.com/followtherill has been another fun way for me to explore the look and feel of this and other stories I’ve written all happening within the same universe.


Genre: Sci-Fi
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 7:54
YEAR: 2021