Breaking Point.

An athlete at the peak of his craft shares wisdom through this death defying cinematic.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director – big.mitch.
Director of photography – Daniel Olivares
Script Concept – Daniel Olivares
Edited by – big.mitch.
Drone Operator – Derrick Fortin
RZR Driver – Ian Messina
Asst. Editors – Daniel OlivaresJarred Auslander
Key Grip – Ian Messina
Filed Sound – Paul Speziale
Color Grade – Ty Roth
Sound Design – Justin Joslin
Mix & Master – Kevin Hagen
Voice-over written by – Amanda Silva
Voice over performed by – Aaron Goodson
BTS Photography – Justin AdamsAlfonso Bonifacio
BTS Video – Shane MarramaAlfonso Bonifacio
Vehicle mounted gear provided by – big.mitch.
Film Poster Art – Derek Wakeen
Special Thanks – Lens Pro To GoEvents United

The story behind the film

Being a DP is where my heart is, its where I feel most comfortable, but every now and then I get the opportunity to Direct a project.
My Directing style is very loose. Which means I’m not an over planner by any means. We have a goal as a team, a visual standard, a shot list and thats about it. I make sure the artists who are on board have the style and vibe I like naturally. They don’t need my coaching or managing, its more like ” do you ” because you is what got you here. My main goal is giving the team the resources and energy they need to bring their best creative ideas. Yes I am the ” Director ” but from the core of the project everyone has a voice. Keeping a loose structure and ideology gives the team the option to adapt and mold into what the shoot day provides us instead of us ( the crew ) trying to manipulate and change our environment. Lets see what the world gives us that day and lets be ready to adapt of the fly. Thats the biggest challenge for me as a Director is to have those quick answers and decisions. Luckily for me the team is extremely qualified and I find myself consulting with them constantly to get those quick answers and solutions. Its a very much “together as a team we rise, individually we fail” type of attitude on set.
For Breaking Point I was able to collaborate with a very talented DP / Artist Dan Olivares who executed a stellar vision for the cinematics.

This project really molded and adapted in the editing suite. As a Director the editing process is where I feel my skillset take hold and begin to shine. Editing Breaking Point was very challenging but in the end very very rewarding for me.


Genre: Action / Documentary
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 2
YEAR: 2020